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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

We ran a pretty good rebounding drill we called "The Pit" in middle school. It was one-on-one, the defender would start in the paint, while another player would start at the foul line. A coach would intentionally miss a shot, and the defender had to box out his man for 3 bounces before he was allowed to go for the ball. If you lost the matchup, you had to face the next person until you won. It taught the little guys (me included ) how to be scrappy enough to keep the big men away from the ball, and brought out a little bit of nastiness in everyone too.

We started and ended every practice the same way. After stretching and light jogs, each member of the team would shoot two free throws. If you missed one, the whole team had to run the length of the floor and back. Missed two, you ran a suicide. Then the next person would step up. We had some real ***** coaching us too...on Tuesdays they'd laugh it up and call it "Two for Tuesdays" where the penalties became a suicide for one miss and two suicides for two misses. If someone referred to it as "basketball practice" and not "track practice" those days, they'd take every ball out of the gym and basically make us do running drills for the rest of night. In 8th grade, we had practice at 8:00 in the morning the day after Thanksgiving. The bathrooms had 4 stalls in them and at one point they were all occupied by vomiting teammates....with another using the garbage can and another using the sink. The coaches were pissed at that kid because the principal made one of them clean the sink by hand.

We went 15-1 and lost in the semis my 7th grade year and went undefeated my 8th grade year. We literally ran every other team out of the gym. And even though our coaches rode the shit out of us, we saw their system working and respected the hell out of them.
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