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Default Re: *insert quarterback* won with a terrible defense.

Originally Posted by niko
No we don't, we have elite pass rushers who cover up a lot of wholes in the secondary (which are solid but not spectacular) and our linebacking core is playing much better but Boley and Blackburn are not quite elite. We also have Kiwanuka running around out there covering people when he is enormous and really cannot.

If we are elite what is SF? What is Baltimore? Mega Elite?

You should know better, you have Ware. When Ware is causing havoc, your defense looks great. It didn't become great.

We are good playing great but our defense is third best out of four teams playing.

Giant's have a "great" D...but perhaps not "elite"

your D is just like your QB...good but not elite

still, my point stands that the defesne wasn't healthy early on...making that 27th ranked thing extremely misleading
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