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Default Re: *insert quarterback* won with a terrible defense.

and he DOES have weapons...Nicks and Cruz are the real deal...they are both fantastic WRs...both are arguably top-10 WRs...he is playing with a great WR core

Of course they are great, but aside from those two they really don't have much that put fear in opposing teams.

In such a tight end league, they have....wait for it...Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum I think. That might be one of the worst tight end rotations in football.

Eli has two outstanding weapons, but he doesn't have the kind of weapons Brady has (best tight end duo in history, best underneath receiver in recent memory in Welker) or Rodgers (beast tight end, best set of wideouts in football) or Brees (beast tight end, beast running back receiver, a very diverse set of wideouts)

That was the point I was making.
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