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Default Re: *insert quarterback* won with a terrible defense.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I think you misworded something in there...I am p.tiddy and I don't think Eli sucks

did you mean you DO agree or DON'T?

no need to break down "good"/"great"/"very good" etc...
you've been overstating other parts of the Giants team for weeks now to make a point that Eli is not as good as people say. Our defense is not "elite"
and has not been carrying our team. Our receivers are not bailing out Eli and unless i was asleep all year, Cruz at about week 11/12 got over the drops that he and Manningham were having. Basically giving Cruz credit for Eli and not vice versa is either you not being fair, or not watching the Giants play. Because Cruz gave and Cruz took away, the difference now is the 2 really stupid plays Cruz would do every game (the fumbles, the drops, the running a route 1 yard short on a 3rd down) are now gone.
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