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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Originally Posted by Rose
I upgraded everything because I'm an OCD MFer when it comes to gaming. I just ****ed up a loyalty mission for Jack so I lost her on the first play through, and lost Thane (my favorite other wise I wouldn't have gave a shit) because of the wrong job.

Second time, I lost Tali no idea why. She's supposed to be used for the first thing although Legion is better. But she dies every time.

Third time, I forgot who died.

Fourth time same as second.

1. Have everyone loyal to you

2. Before you go for the IFF mission, make sure you have all the upgrades for Normandy.....

3. After your crew is kidnapped, do NOT do anything, go immediately to the Omega 4 Relay or you will lose half of your crew. So, do the Legion loyalty quest immediately after you get him, that's why I recommend to do all the sidequests and upgrades before you get the IFF.


---second team leader (for both parts): Garrus or Miranda

---Technician: Tali or Legion

---Biotic specialist: Samara/Morinth or Jack.

---Escort for the Normandy crew: Mordin

suggestion: Do not take Grunt with you in the end, he is a great choice for the leftovers that are "holding the line"

took me 1000 years to figure out lol.... I guarantee you everybody will survive

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