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Default Re: Los Angeles Lakers @ Orlando Magic Game Thread

Originally Posted by DKLaker
DFish took 14 shots going 5 for 14 = 35%

Pau took 12 shots going 4 for 12

Bynum took only 6 shots 4 for 6

DFish took only 4 shots less than Pau & Bynum combined, ......anyone else see a major problem with our worst shooter taking that many shots

It was the ugliest Laker game I have seen this season. Just disgusted by the Lakers performance. Their shots were not dropping yet they kept trying to force them in. They should have driven more into the paint.

ARGHHH. This is frustrating to watch. I am getting to the point that I am not getting angry anymore. It's like I am getting used to this.. like it's normal for the Lakers to play like this.. Never before since the off-season (07-08 season) when Fisher returned and we got Pau halfway through that season.

I am losing trust in these Lakers. Anger is already down to frustration. I hope this changes soon. Kobe's days are numbered. We NEED a tweak in the roster before it is too late.
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