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Default Re: Prediction: Lakers don't make playoffs this year (unless...)

If we didn't have enough players attacking the basket now, what makes you think that Bynum + Pau + many others as you say would help this team now?

You'd be looking at a lineup consisting of;

PG - garbage
SG - Kobe
SF - garbage
PF - garbage
C - Dwight

Key players off the bench -

Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage Garbage....and even then our rotation is about 9 total you can remove one garbage from our key bench reserves. Put that together, you have Kobe averaging 30, Dwight averaging 20, everyone else averaging garbage.

By the way, Pau was our best player against the heat, possibly our hardest game of the season.

What this team really needs is;
1) an identity
2) a makeover in the bench
3) Kobe to distribute
4) Mike Brown to be a bit more creative
and lastly
5) Steve Blake - That hit to our bench was the worst thing that happened all season. When he plays well, the bench plays well. A very underrated player he is.
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