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Default Re: Prediction: Lakers don't make playoffs this year (unless...)

Originally Posted by lakerfreak

By the way, Pau was our best player against the heat, possibly our hardest game of the season.

What this team really needs is;
1) an identity
2) a makeover in the bench
3) Kobe to distribute
4) Mike Brown to be a bit more creative
and lastly
5) Steve Blake - That hit to our bench was the worst thing that happened all season. When he plays well, the bench plays well. A very underrated player he is.

DFish's game Vs. Dallas > Pau's game against the Heat????
But so what if a guy plays big 1 game and fails in 6 others.......that won't get it done!!! Pau is the 7th highest paid player in the NBA right he earning his money?......even close?

1. An identity.....they are crap, we need to trade for players who are not crap.
2. A you mean a trade??? That is the only makeover!!!
3. Kobe to distribute to WHO...the same guys who can't get it done????
4. Brown to creatively make crap guys play like real NBA players????
5. Steve Blake???? I'd rather have Sasha or Farmar

Our bench misses Shannon Brown = FACT!!!!

Bottom line is that we need a starting PG, a solid bench scorer, the Howard trade. This is easy to accomplish....Bynum for Howard + Pau to Houston.
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