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Default Re: Prediction: Lakers don't make playoffs this year (unless...)

We need some penetration at PG. Our big men are fine. You can't be succesful in this league anymore without penetration... I mean you could when Phil was coaching, but that man's a genius and he is gone now. That should be numero uno for us... I mean Pau and Bynum anyone would kill for that front line. Darius Morris is the biggest bum i have ever seen and none of our other guards can penetrate... Kobe just settles for long range jumpers and right now that is totally killing us... but that dude can't get by his man so if they are bigger than he is and he can't post them easily, then what else can we do. Our most effective offense is Kobe/Pau pick and roll or pop tho and it's hardly done i don't get it.

Mike brown isn't a god coach, but when you are getting nothing out of 2 positions and NO 3 point shooting whatsoever, what can you do?
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