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Default Re: all West Coas NBA draft prospects

You are right, Ross prob deserves mention and the top sg prospect spot over lamb- more of just wanting to make note of lamb and how good he is- ucla is perplexing because they have a ton of nba potential talent and this season has been a disaster.
6-3 pg Norman Powell FR UCLA- this guy is the next in line of ucla pgs to the nba
6-10 f's David and Travis Wear will both play in the NBA- just too athletic, long, and active not to be picks by after next season
6-10 300 pound smith like you mentioned has huge potential but is in terrible shape and has to chnge his body- hell I think anthony stover at over 6-10 has pro potential
And they're still garbage- with a good coach?????? How ???????? And reeves nelson (the preaseason mvp) completely falls off- my only guess is feeling obligated to play jones and anderson and not figuring out how to play lamb at 2 and rotate 3 of the forwards together to play nelson or smith w wears or stover
I don't buy any of the unlv guys chances as much as new mexicos gordon and even their 2 gaurds marshall/greenwood- I would love to see guttierez get a shot with someone but have no idea how that would go
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