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Default Re: What happened to the Black Band in music.

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Do tell.

I don't see how Punk killed white bands

Punk convinced people that it was enough to play 3 chords in order to be successful. That isn't necessarily a problem in and of itself, except when you only know those 3 chords. As Sting said about the early Police, "we may have only played 3-4 chords, but we knew hundreds." Big difference between playing a few chords because those are the only ones you know, and playing a few chords because you consciously select them.

Either way, like hip-hop today, this leads every 15-year old in the country to believe that being a musician is something that takes effort. It's possible for bands today to form, buy instruments, learn to play them, and have a hit in less than a year. Which is just so wrong, on so many levels.
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