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Default Re: Florida DOMINATES in College Sports

Again, though, in that nine years there's a world of difference between 1999 through 2001, and 2002 through now.

For three years they were the best in college basketball. Since then, it's questionable if they're even in the Top 20. I don't feel like going through every program and arbitrarily ranking them, but the point is the same. They haven't been great since 2001. They've rarely even been very good in that timeframe.

That "nine years" you keep talking about isn't a consistent stretch of greatness. It's a three-year stretch of transcendent greatness followed by a six-year stretch of a mixed bag: some mediocrity and underachieving, some good, some very good; little, if any, greatness.

So, again, what does that make Michigan State? To me, it makes them a very good program who had a short stretch of greatness.

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