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Default Trade idea: by the genius lakerfreak :p

*Please Note: This trade cannot happen until before the trade dealing because players involved just signed new contracts*

Lakers trade:

Andrew Bynum
First Round Pick from Dallas
Devin Ebanks
Darius Morris

Grizzlies Trade:

Marc Gasol
Mike Conley

Obviously this is a pipe dream but allow me to explain my reasoning for this trade and how it works for both teams.

Lakers POV

1) The lakers are desperately in need of a starting worthy point guard that can contribute on both ends of the floor. The triangle is gone now and we need more than just a ball handler with a high IQ. We need a play maker that can carry a team on his back. Kobe cannot be the point guard.

2) Pau Gasol has been playing soft due to the fact he has been involved in many distractions between last season and now, which involve the breaking up between his girlfriend and him, and being involved in the trade rumors, respectively. One of the best ways I think we can get him to play happy is to show him our appreciation towards him, by making him happy, by bringing in little brother Pau. The two together would have nothing but success down low as team chemistry would be at an all time high. Not to mention, Marc fits the bill as "tough big man".

Grizzlies POV

The grizzlies have a young team. What would put them over the hump, seeing that Z-Bo is out, would be a dominant big man. The second best in the league next to dwight howard, in Andrew Bynum. Wait until Zbo comes back from injury, and you can find a trio of Rudy Gay + Zbo + Bynum one hell of a pain in the ass to face in the western conference. Sure they lose a starting PG, but they can find a way to make up for it, depending on how highly they think of Bynum.

Our starting lineup
Conley, Bryant, Barnes, Gasol, Gasol

Grizzlies starting lineup
Mayo, Allen, Gay, Randolph, Bynum

Obviously this is a ridiculous idea seeing that the grizzlies are content with their current roster. How do YOU laker fans like this deal?
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