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Default Re: Euroleague Officially Adds 8 Games To The Season And Friday Game Days

Originally Posted by demons2005
WRONG. The top teams will get much more practice and game experience and against better teams to boot. It will become harder and harder to make the leap to qualify because the qualified teams will keep getting better.
I don't agree. Judging the teams I know, for example:
* Barcelona and Madrid got the money and rosters to compete with this stronger schedule.
* Caja Laboral and Unicaja DON'T. The more games they play, the harder it will be for them to play 100% every game. Specially for Caja Laboral, considering how Ivanovic manages his rosters. These two will have serious problems in the ACB league.

Also, if you need more proof, just see how Bilbao plays when there's no Euroleague game during the week, compared to when there isn't.
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