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Default Re: Quarter of a season is behind us and THE KNICKS ARE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS

Originally Posted by Clutch
Last year we were 8-8 after 16 games.

Interestingly,last year we also had a 6 games losing streak at the start of the season followed by a 13-1 record in the next 14 games.

Let's hope we can do something like that this year because .500 is slowly running away from us and the schedule is getting tougher.
I think they'll turn the corner, but still it's not much different than last season.

I wasn't talking about records, I was referring to the effort.

This team for years plays up and down to their competition.

All scrub teams, Knicks really haven't showed up for more than 1 quarter in a game, just like last season, and quite a few prior to.

The records are irrelevant right now, teams will separate pretty much right around the middle point, no different than any other time.
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