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Default Re: Prediction: Lakers don't make playoffs this year (unless...)

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
One more thing,

Dwight had a great rebounding game. I want to also add, he shot less than 50% (6/14) as well as 9/17 from free throw. He also had 4 turnovers and 4 personal fouls.

Orlando has great role players that hit their shots, and a better bench than we have. Stop making this into a "big man" issue.

I am not trying to make this a bigman issue, I am saying that this talented
team on paper is playing like crap. Kobe and Barnes are hustling and
working hard, but Drew is jogging up and down the court, Pau stands
around and watches too much, and everyone else can;t hit a shot
when it counts.

We only have one penetrator to break down opposing defenses (KB)
and that isn't enough. We really need a new speedy guard that can
help change this.....

As far as trading for Howard is concerned, he outplayed our bigs in
many ways in that game. Our bigs looked pretty lousy when it is
supposed to be our strength.....

IF the team plays like this for the rest of the year, we will not
make the playoffs IMO.
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