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Default Re: What happened to the Black Band in music.

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
This is great man, I knew about the Joe Cocker track as I have the original but had know idea about Dre sampled California and that othe track (title escapes me now) by Kleer (I need to get me some Kleer)

Intimate Connection is the name of the Kleer track. And on the topic of Cocker, I've shocked many a person playing them Woman to Woman. Most people think of Cocker as the old white geezer who did "You Are So Beautiful," but the dude had soul.

Dre has sampled alot of folks from Bar-Kays, PFunk, Leon Haywood and others. I never knew Dre. sampled so much (knew he sampled) until I saw this list.

Dre Dre sampled list

Yeah, the secret to sampling is in the dedication to scouring through obscure records and weird stuff in search for a sample people won't readily recognize. Sure, you still gotta clear it and credit it, but very few people read song credits carefully, especially when it comes to rap albums. Dre constructs a hit out of a forgotten white soul song and a very obscure funk track.

I mean, who the f*ck listens to Charles Aznavour? I've barely heard of the guy, and I like to consider myself to be a bit more cultured than an average person.
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