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Default Re: 49'ers will be back.

Originally Posted by Carbine

Can't write the Seahawks off because they went 7-9? That's not a good record. They also have Tavaris Jackson as a quarterback. Enough said.

The only team that can really challenge them is STL because Bradford has a chance to be a really great quarterback.

Typing it in caps doesn't give it any more meaning.

7-9 is a win better than SF managed last season. It's a game off .500, and any team around .500 in the NFL is a threat. One break for or against is the difference.

The winner of that 'worst division in football' has won at least one playoff game in every season since 2003-04. Two of those teams reached the Super Bowl.

So why would it take a team with a great QB to challenge them? The Niners don't have a great QB and, as has been pointed out, one or two key losses from that defense can make a huge difference.

They had a great season, but there is little about that Niners team that makes me confident a dynasty is brewing.
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