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Default Re: Billy Cundiff or Kyle Williams?

Williams is a 2nd year guy who got stuck returning punts because of injury. He fielded 6 punts this season (2 returns/4 fair catches). Ted Ginn and Reggie Smith fielded the other 60+ punts.

A pro shouldn't have gotten anywhere near that ball, so that's on him. The second? A fumble that happens.

The Niners failed on 12 of 13 3rd downs. Their offense sucked out loud aside from two big plays. Their 7th year, former overall #1 pick QB barely completes over 50% of his passes and was even worse on Sunday.

Cundiff has attempted over 170 FG in a 9 year career. That's a chip shot. The past two years he's 18-21 from 30-39 yards.

Baltimore played into a chance to win the game by executing on both sides of the ball. The snap and hold were good. True, it was just to get to OT, but that was a foregone conclusion.

He's the goat imo.
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