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Default Who else hates Chuck Swirsky ?

Who else here hates Chuck Swirsky?

I absolutely despise him. I hate all aspects of his commentating as well as the pesonality he's portraying through it and I hate his face even more. He just pisses the hell outta me with his "hits it from downton Oakville [or some village up in Northern Ontario]" three pointer announcements, or his "nothing but nylon" swish calls (I'm guessing he's trying to make his own nothing but net thing, but he's failing misseably) or all the other dumb stuff/bloopers he says (I remember once he called a simple windmill a 360 windmill, etc.). I don't know, maybe some people do like him, or think he's funny, but personally, I'd like to see him commentating some other sport I don't watch.
Sorry Chuck, maybe you're a nice guy and all, but shut up already...
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