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Default Re: Euroleague Officially Adds 8 Games To The Season And Friday Game Days

Originally Posted by chains5000
I do care, that's why I complain.

The ACB will probably end up like all the other domestic leagues and it is their own greedy policies that cause it.

They are the ones responsible for taking down leagues like Greece and Russia, while pushing leagues like France. They were morons to think it would not backfire on them.

Now, they are in the same boat as all the other leagues. The only teams that matter are Real Madrid and Barca. If the owners of teams like Bilbao and Valencia, etc. don't like it then too bad. They can pull their money from the clubs.

There were no complaints at all from the ACB when their own policies were destroying the other domestic leagues in the same manner they are now destroying the ACB, which will be a 3-4 team league very shortly.

Face reality. The Euroleague is going to a semi-closed model that focuses on clubs like CSKA, Siena, Milan, PAO, Olympiacos, Barca, Real, Malaga, Baskonia, Efes, Fener, Maccabi, some trash French club.......teams like this will become permanent franchises.

The rest of the clubs can go to hell and only be relevant as long as their owners spend tons of money. Look at what happened to Aris. It was a club with huge tradition, incredible fan base, 15 million euros a year budget, and a huge new state of the art arena approved.........

then Euroleague decided it did not deserve to be in Euroleague (even after making top 16) and that they only wanted 2 Greek clubs. Where is Aris now? On the scrap heap of mediocrity as a mid-level Eurocup club with below average attendance, a 3 million euros budget, and problems then to finish the new arena.

Not to even mention what they did to a club like AEK.

This is the exact model that ACB/Euroleague have been using to the other clubs from other countries and it ruined all but the biggest super clubs. Now when these policies start to affect smaller ACB clubs it is a big complaint. It's hypocritical and they should have thought of it earlier.

But they were too greedy for money and wanted to follow the NBA model. I mean look at how they coddle French clubs just because of "TV ratings of the French market". They are overly obsessed with following the NBA model and that's just the way it goes.

Clubs like Bilbao are just the Spanish version of Aris (with less history). They don't fit in the plans of the Euroleague and so they don't matter. It's just that now this is starting to backfire on the ACB, as it is affecting their league as well. ACB will end up the same way.

Look at what they did to the Russian clubs. They would not even allow a second Russian club in the Euroleague for years, and still to the this time now, they can't even get in Euroleague as the 2nd placed Russian club without going through the qualifying round.

Face it, they are strictly operating now for the super big clubs and really, they just want the other clubs like Bilbao to go away. We may not like it as fans, but it's just the reality of what their agenda is. And remember that it's the big clubs like Barca, Real, CSKA, Maccabi, PAO, Olympiacos, Efes, Fener that are behind it.

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