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Default Re: Terrell Owens In GQ: I'm In Hell

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yeah, I can understand ONE kid mishap...maybe even 2..but after that there is no excuse really...lots of alcohol maybe

they are warned about this too...a lot of athletes know to not even leave the rubber in the trash when they are done, cause some of these females will steal the sperm from it...take your used rubber with you
They need someone like me to be their "concious". Basically track what you spend, let you know what you can spend, and weed out the woman. For a small salary i can allow them to have a great ****ing time and still be rich when they finish playing and not have 29 bastard children. And not be in the way of the party. ANd teach them very simple ways to make sure everyone is not stealing their money.

any young, rich and doesn't want to lose his money to some skank he ****ed one night and produced a bastard child future nba or nfl star, please give me a call. My new business, BE RICH, **** HOES, AND KEEP YOUR DOUGH ENTERPRISE.
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