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Originally Posted by Jerz Netz
who the fuc is this Kawika Mitchell guy? ive never even heard of him till now. Im sure hes gonna be just as good as Al Wilson

We need to use this draft to strengthen up our secondary and also im assuming we're gonna take a kicker? I didnt really like Feely especially after he missed that huge FG couple years back in the playoffs.

Not looking good so far
For Example: The Jets just signed these DE's...
David Bowens, Kenyon Coleman, Andre Wadsworth (3rd overall pick behind Peyton and Leaf), Bobby Hamilton and Michael Haynes. We needed depth on the DL and we took functional bodies on the cheap... We need a couple of big play WR's, pass catching TE, depth on the O-Line, a couple of DB's, and pass rushing specialist. But I know we can get all that with the draft. My team is a bunch of no-namers honestly but they are a team. I love that!

The Giants have many holes... Kawika was an ok linebacker for Kansas City. Right now you need a kicker, O-Line, TE, Corners, LB depth, D-line depth... But like I said lets see what happens after the draft and June 1st cuts...

If I remember correctly teams that sign big name free agents dont necessarily/usually get to the playoffs and superbowl if that makes ya feel any better...

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