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Default It's Official

We are now the worst team in the league. If that guaranteed the #1 pick it would be easier to take. As it is even if we finish with the worst record we will only have a 25% chance at the #1 pick. At least this year's draft is deep.

Some encouraging words from the comments in the Charlotte Observer today:

Any of the top 6 picks would be huge in what should be a loaded and deep draft. I know its hard for the naysayers to understand, but this is the best option the Bobcats have. They made mistakes in the past, paying good players like they were elite (Okafor/Wallace/Jackson) and mediocre/bad players like they were good (too many on that list to name). It seems like they have finally admitted their mistakes and are trying to fix it, and I give them credit for that.

Look at some other teams who rebuilt this way. OKC might win a championship this year because they took their lumps, had a few terrible seasons, and got Durant/Westbrook. Minnesota has the potential to be great for the next decade because of their lottery picks from the last few years. The Clippers went from laughing stock to having one of the best duos in the NBA through the lottery. I would much rather be in this spot then be like the Bobcats teams of the last few years. Id take 3-16 with a top 3 or 4 pick and a clear cap on the way over 8-11 with the 15th pick and a maxed out cap.

That thinking gives me hope, but it's still hard to watch this team right now.
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