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Default Re: Trade idea: by the genius lakerfreak :p

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
I read somewhere on ESPN chat that Mitch wants to hold off on him for the Howard trade while Jimmy wants to trade him to get help NOW.

Rockets still very much want him and are willing to add Lowry to the deal.

I hope this deal really gets done at the deadline with the Howard trade. I would be OK with this deal instead of D Williams deal.

Raptors really want eBanks and are ready to trade Bayles for him

Atleast this adds tons of depth to our roster.


this team can make noise this year..

I'm starting to get pissed about the delay in doing the deal with Houston, Martin is putting up huge numbers on strong shooting %, Scola is doing his thing, Dragic is getting in where he can and doing well.........we have to do this before we lose out......the Bynum to Orlando deal can wait until the deadline for negotiation purposes......but the Houston deal is ready to go and we need to jump all over it right now!!!!

On another note.....I would LMAO if Cuban sent Odom back to us for Luke Walton and a 2nd round pick.

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