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Default Shammond Williams

There is curious interest by the Lakers in bringing him in for the biannual 1.7 mil exception.

He is not an old player, drafted in the second round in 1998. I watched him play at UNC and I was a huge fan of his skills. An outside shooter who is a good decision maker. Ideally, he is the perfect person to play point. The problem is that his college success never translated into pro success.

He never really had a good opportunity though, and he is not the ideal point guard other teams look for, but he might be good for us since the triangle really doesn't use traditional point guards.

If Derek Fisher could play the point in LA, Shammond can. He was out of the league last season, playing over in Europe. I don't know how well he did there.

I don't see a problem bringing him in. Using the exception might not be necessary. If Phil, Kobe, Magic, and Kupcake do another conference call, he might agree to sign for the veteran's minimum, if he's eligible. I don't know the rule regarding that.
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