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Default Re: Should the Lakers acquire a vet point gaurd this offseason?

Originally Posted by SoCalMike
What in your opinion do they need... (in order of priority)?

1. A second option, perferably a big man who can draw double teams and make impact offensively.
Jermaine O Neal or Pau Gasol.
I'd give Odom and Bynum for JO or Pau.

2. A PG....

Yeah, sounds simple this way but basically what I wanted to say is that they need a plan.

What to do with Bynum who's too young for Kobe?
What to do with Odom who doesn't fit Kobe?
Just then I'd start thinking about the PG position..
And yet, they'd still need some pieces like an athletic SF defender...

A guy like JO or Pau can make them a contender over night.
Unfortunetely, both options are unlikely.
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