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Default Re: Should the Lakers acquire a vet point gaurd this offseason?

Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Need more than ****ing PG. They need real ballers. players who consider defense a part of the game and will put an effort no matter the circumstances. players who consistently hit open shots. players who wont take anything for granted and play sloppy when they have a big lead. players who don't think they're tooo good that they will beat a team just because they've won a couple in a row. Athletic hard players who hustle and play to win not for personal glory. Most impotantly, players who are experienced veterans, that can run an offense and can play to their given roles.

Players to keep are Kobe, Odom, Walton. Everyone else can go. Those three and perhaps Kwame are the only ones I see trying and putting an effort in on a regular basis.

Lakers could have set themselves for big plans this summer. But no, they go and extend one dimensional defenseless effortless inconsistent Brian Cook. They go and pick up an option on Kwame who would have lifted 8 mil off the cap this yr. And now they're thinking of re-signing Smush.

....and who knows? maybe this Laker team is just young and will breakout soon but it aint lookn good so far.They show glimpses of it but then cave back in. Thats why I question their heart and determination.

Couldn't disagree more. He's the first one that needs to go.
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