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Originally Posted by RidonKs
Awesome. Sucks that the thrid will almost definately be 3rd generation though, I might have to spring for a new system.

There's godmode again, right? I had a hell of a time beating that level of difficulty in the first one. The part with the clones in Kratos' house? That had me more pissed off than I think I've even been at a video game.
It has

Normal (Spartan Mode)
Hard (God Mode)
Very Hard (Titan Mode)

Titan Mode is unlockable. As the difficult goes up, there'll be more unlockable items. Such as Items can give you 10x red orbs or Unlimited Mana if you replay the difficulty. but you can choose not to use them. I hope this isn't too much a spoiler, I don't wanna ruin it for you.
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