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Default Byron Mullens back to the bench

Charlotte Observer Blog:

Charlotte Bobcats coach Paul Silas did center Byron Mullens a favor Thursday. I donít know whether Mullens has enough life experience to see it that way, but Silas took Mullens off the spot.

Mullens playing off the bench isnít a demotion. Itís a do-over.

It was too much, too soon for Mullens to go from a guy constantly sent to the D-League to a guy starting at center for an NBA team. Handy as it might be to claim the Bobcats are a D-League team, this transition for Mullens had to be as rattling as it was gratifying.

First he was the guy shooting 70 percent from the field because no one understood heíd make every open 20-footer. Then the scouting report caught up to him, and he was the guy shooting 5-of-19 in his last three games.
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