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Default Re: Should the Lakers acquire a vet point gaurd this offseason?

Originally Posted by hotsizzle
Lamar tries though. His defense is crucial. The matchup problem he creates and his unselfish play is perfect for the tri. Besides, hes been consistent this year.

Oh please. Lamar with his unselfish play is perfect as a glue guy but not as a 2nd option.
He's a terrible fit for the Lakers and he's the first one that has to pack his bags this summer.

Here are some great posts on Lamar from my favorite poster.. How can you disagree with any of this?


Offensively the second highest paid player on this team needs to be able to optimize Kobe. Odom can't, he doesn't draw a double.

Defensively the 4 on this team needs to be an anchor since Bynum and Kwame can't fill that role. Odom can't he lacks the power base and isn't a shotblocker.

Odom is a glue guy, a third option facilitator whose stats are bigger than his impact on the floor. You don't pay a guy like that 15 million per.

Odom needs to be dealt for an impact 2-way 4 that draws a double and anchors. With Indy circling the drain maybe JO can be had in an Odom-led deal in the summer.

Beatdown will defend Odom to the death, but the Lakers are making Odom available in the summer IF he can land them someone like O'Neal. JO fills the two needs, optimizes Kobe by drawing a double inside, anchors the D. If Odom and non-Bynum X can get JO the Lakers would pull the trigger, despite Beatdown's spirited objections.

The choice is indeed simple and easy. O'Neal in a heartbeat. He provides what they lack and need desperately. JO makes them a contender overnight. Keep Odom and contention is tied to Bynum's development.

It's always numbers with you, no wonder you love Odom so much. You quote stats and are blind to FLOOR IMPACT.

What is the floor impact of JO drawing a double inside? What is the impact to Kobe? The defense is forced to pick their poison, JO inside or Kobe outside, can't double both. As we saw in the threepeat a defense cannot handle it. Either Kobe has room to create or the big has a solo matchup inside. You want numbers fine, JO has better numbers than Odom and because JO is on the floor Kobe has better numbers than he has now at a higher percentage.

You want another number? 2.7 to 0.6 in blocks. What's the floor impact of that? A real anchor takes this defense from pathetic to competitive. Even if they still have a turnstile 1 there's an anchor back there to swat and alter shots. The defense is transformed by an upgrade at 4 from 0.6 to 2.7. That number is huge.

You're like Hollinger, a stat hound so lost in the numbers he doesn't see the game. O'Neal's impact to his teammates around him is far greater than Odom's. That has to enter your value equation but you're just churning stats. Floor impact is why they would deal Odom for JO in a nanosecond.

And Lamar as a severe matchup problem for the west gets them what? How far do they go as a result of that mismatch? First round and out two years in a row.

Now how far would they go if a team is forced to double a Laker big inside? How far would they go if the Lakers actually had an anchor and one of the worst defenses in the playoffs is transformed? A lot further than the first round.

Odom doesn't have the floor impact of O'Neal that's laughable.

I have them losing for basketball reasons. My heart doesn't overrule my head. I've been a Laker fan for 36 years but I call it straight, always have always will.

Next year healthy they can go deeper, but with no anchor they still have no chance at a ring.

We need a point that can defend and an anchor. I've been crying about the need for D at 1 forever, have to have it if you don't have an anchor. However, even the best 1 defender can't deny dribble penetration forever. You still need an anchor as the last line of defense.

Another vision…

Entering the summer the Lakers acknowledge that change is needed but not an overhaul, just a piece away. Fans cling to some what if series moment (a la the missed rebound vs. Phoenix) as justification for status quo. Rumors of KG are rampant but Minnesota refuses to deal him. A few rumors of JO or Gasol fizzle. Nothing happens.

Heading into the draft lot of rumor talk leaguewide, including LA’s willingness to part with the pick and Kwame’s last year contract for a quality point guard. Rumors of Andre Miller, maybe an S&T deal for Mo Williams and a bad contract, or Jarrett Jack. Nothing happens.

The draft if they keep the pick nets a tri fit, maybe a 2-way player like Brandon Rush, maybe Stuckey, maybe Afflalo in the second round. Laker fans are happy with the picks and predicting a division title, ignoring that Phoenix added Horford or Noah.

Kobe plays for the national team in the Americas tournament. The lack of downtime leads to some knick knack injuries down the road.

Free agency and hopes of signing Charlie Bell, but the Bucks match MLE offers to automatically keep him. The MLE is saved in case a vet is bought out. Maybe they sign Steve Francis if he's bought out, but Franchise is not one of Phil's faves.

Lakers re-sign Walton and Mihm, and due to striking out in their attempts to land a 1 re-sign Smush. Talk of an open competition at 1 between Smush and Farmar. Talk of Bynum looking good.

Same team takes the floor for opening night that ended the season. The let them gel crowd is in rapture, the get Kobe help now crowd is ready for a 12-state shooting spree, beginning with the let them gel crowd.

Lakers do well, Kobe goes down now and then but not for long stretches. Finish in 2nd in the division, 5 or 6 seed. 2nd round exit. Let them gel preaches more of same, management still mired in committee obliges. Lot of games for Kobe in the Olympic summer, more knick knacks, deeper exits...and no rings.

To make a championship omelette you have to be willing to break some eggs. They’re not. So it’s let them gel, your wish is granted. And it fails. Bynum improves but remains inconsistent. The defensive holes are addressed via internal development and it all takes too long. Kobe's national team commitments catch up to his health.

Maybe it won't be that bleak. I sure hope not. But nothing happening seems far more likely than something happening.

Agree with everything.

We will never win a ring this way.

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