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Default Re: Should the Lakers acquire a vet point gaurd this offseason?

Originally Posted by bleedinpurple
Isn't LO our leading rebounder and our 2nd leading assists? Folks should keep in mind that playing along side Kobe is not easy (ask Caron Butler). That player has to contribute in multiple ways since Kobe is the #1 option. How does a #1 option (Gasol, Jo, KG) handle becoming the #2? Does he contribute in other ways? LO does.

Caron as a 2nd option to Kobe averaged 22 ppg in like 20 games or so.

Stop blaming Kobe. It's not his fault. It's Odom.

Gasol, JO or KG would do much better than Odom. What kind of a stupid question is that?

They all fit Kobe much better and they're all much better scorers than Odom and they bring things to the table that Odom doesn't and it's not just scoring. It's balance, defense, everything.

Silly question.

So now it's Kobe's fault, awesome.
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