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Default Re: Prediction: Lakers don't make playoffs this year (unless...)

Originally Posted by bladefd
Truth be told, I don't know why you would even think the Lakers won't make playoffs with the current roster.. It is an automatic playoff team.. Check out some of the bottom 8 teams in the West. They are terrible.. I think some of you are overreacting. I fully agree that Lakers are NOT championship-contenders but to say that they won't make playoffs??? C'mon man. :hammerhead:

Realistically speaking, I am guessing the current Lakers are a 2nd-round exit team. Remember, our main core (Kobe, Pau, Bynum) is same on paper as it was the last couple years. Sure we lost Odom and a few other pieces and our core is a year older, but I think we are still good enough to get out of the first round.

Great points esp the parts I bolded. Artest was great last night, I just don't see him playing that way in most playoff games, same with Fish, Barnes etc.
It just seems to me, they badly need a consistent "playmaker" in the perimeter. Lakers have to view this situation as Kobe and Pau having a 2 year window to win.
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