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Default Re: Should the Lakers acquire a vet point gaurd this offseason?

I dont look at Odom as a second option. I dont really see the point in naming people as #1 #2 and #3. This is a team game afterall and Lamars a team player, I mean look at the Mavs and Suns, they have multiple "#2" guys. If were going to do that, I say this team should have 3 #2 options and Lamar should be one of them, we shouldnt replace him. While Lamar and Kobe dont quite get it done together as it stands now, I think if we solved our PG problem he would fit in perfectly. Kobe Luke Lamar + a good point guard would be more than enough.

The way I see it theres basically 2 ways to win a championship. Either assemble a great team with 1 star (Mavs), or have 2 stars with a decent/good team (KobeShaq/ShaqWade). Lamar fits the first to a T.

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