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Default Re: Lebron just lost major points in my book (and got owned).

Originally Posted by SomeBunghole
Why would Lebron be loyal to Nike though? It's just business. If his career suddenly declined steeply, they'd dump him before he knew what was happening.

That's what bothers me about these comments. He goes a little too far in "defending" Nike. I don't expect him to criticize his sponsor, but I also don't expect him to praise them.
He's loyal to Nike because they're paying him a hundred million dollars. I'm completely against the child labor an slave wages Nike has and probably still does hand out in Asia to make their shoes cheaply but if they offered me a hundred mil, I'd have a hard time saying "no"...and if you accept that cash you're going to defend their interests, period. That's a ridiculous amount of money. I wouldn't betray my mother over it, but I have a few cousins I'd consider stabbing for a hundred million...just joking. Maybe. But I'd certainly be willing to talk trash about other shoe companies for it. Heck, for 50 bucks I'd call AI's "Question" cow manure. Anyhow, Nike can't dump James unless he gets himself arrested for something severe. And he'd probably have to get convicted before they moved against his contract, as they stuck with Kobe Bryant throughout his rape trial. That money is guaranteed and definitely buys some loyalty. A hundred million? Praise is the least he can do.
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