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Default Re: Why does only Lebrons clutch failures reach criticism of epic proportions?

Lebron is simply held to a higher standard than anyone b/c of talent. It's the "Chosen 1" rep. Even after he wins one, people will want more.

With other stars, what they do adds to their accomplishments. No one though Kobe would be top 10 coming into the league, so each ring or great season, he goes up the list. With Lebron, everyone thought he would be GOAT-level, so every time he doesn't win a ring, or has a bad game, he goes down the list (from where everyone had penciled him in).

The other thing is you get cut a lot of slack once you have a ring. Wade failed to get out of the first round after his ring. He failed in the clutch in the last Finals too, but people claim it's ok b/c he had great stats. How many series has Lebron had monster stats and the team still lost but that adds to his failures?
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