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Default Re: Has T Mac surpassed Kobe defensively?

Originally Posted by Xsatyr
Tmac didn't have either one back when he played with the Raptors.

Question asked had he surpassed, as I don't think he did because I always believed Tracy was a better defender, but for those who want to say he surpassed need to look at all the facts.

Originally Posted by TMac&Luther
So that doesn't mean People blow by Tmac that often.

If Yao didn't have good defenders in front of him, players like Tmac, Battier, and C. Hayes, he wouldn't be able to stay in the game defensively, becuase he would always be in foul trouble.......Tmac is still a better defender, he's also a better distributor.

I know they don't, but Tracy, as opposed to Kobe, knows that if his man beats him, he has someone behind him who can alter/block the shot, while Kobe doesn't anymore. About him being a better distributor has nothing to do with this topic, because being a better passer, does not make you a better defender, if it did, Nash should be DPoy.
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