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Default Re: most boring team today/in the past?

Originally Posted by kidachi
the twilight of the stockton-malone tandem was also boring for me. the pacers of today. also boring.

Yeah, I'm a die hard Jazz fan and enjoyed the games in the Stockton - Malone era, but you didn't see a lot of free-lancing and willy nilly ABA ball in that system and it was pretty much the same thing most nights. I think you could enjoy it if you got excited about executing strategies and percentages, as opposed to someone less familiar with the game who just wanted to see lots of fast action, dunks, highlights, show-offs, duels, antics and all that kind of stuff. I liked to watch Nique play sometimes, even though Atlanta was pretty sloppy. It was more a game of chance and luck in chaos than a structured- play for the highest percentages type of game.
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