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Default Desmond Mason's shooting form

A while ago I opened a topic about Desmond Mason's free throws. During the first years of his career it seemded he was on his way to becoming a Maggette type of player:

0.9 1.2 73.6
2.7 3.2 84.8
2.6 3.5 74.0
2.8 3.6 76.5
4.3 5.7 76.9
5.3 6.6 80.2

Then in his first two years in NO:
2.9 4.3 68.2
2.8 4.3 65.7

Crazy. It's said he changed his form after his elbow injury.


Wes Cox at Mavs Moneyball shared the following factoid with his readers a couple of days ago:

Fun Desmond Mason fact - he hasn't attempted a three all season and is 2 for 9 outside 12 feet. NOT a good shooter...

How is that possible? How can a player whose job is to shoot the ball have only taken 9 shots outside of 12 feet all season long? Mason, this year, is averaging 12 shots per game, and has played in 72 games so far. That means he's averaging about 0.125 shots from outside of 12 feet per ballgame, which is mind blowing.
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