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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by outbreak
I don't mind paying subs. I've been through afew mmos with subs before. Vanguard was imo the best mmo until you hit around lvl 14 then there was no content and what content existed was bugged.
Hows the end game in TOR is it really easy to get everything like in wow these days or is it actually semi challenging? I hate in wow now how everybody looks the same and has access to the same gear through simple means.

Raiding isn't my thing. I'll let Deuce, bdreason, or someone else answer that one.
Max level pvp is pretty slow since they split 50's into their own bracket. It's going to be pretty discouraging when you make it there. Expertise gear makes a HUGE difference (this is why 50's were moved to their own bracket). PvP at max level is a long grind for gear. Skill won't make up the difference there. I still have fun with it, but there are plenty of people who were salty once it was patched. The queues at 50 grew longer, and they had to play against more people in champion's gear.
I went into the game figuring it would be WoW with light sabres. Almost a month and a half later, I'm still logging 8 or more hours a week and still enjoying it.
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