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Default Re: Dwight Howard says he'd be OK with coming to Chicago

The Melo trade last year set the precedent. Orlando saw how well Denver came out of that trade (that are CLEARLY better now than they were before) and wants the same thing to happen to them.

They are going to shop Dwight around for as long as it takes to any team that will give them a home run deal, like Denver did. If Dwight whines and says he'll only go to team X, then they will push to make sure that team X gives more than Dwight's worth, if they truly want him that badly, like Denver did.

It might even end up being a bigger deal than the Melo trade, too. Next to Lebron, Dwight is probably the most valuable player in the league. No way is he getting traded unless Orlando gets a grand slam out the damn park of a deal.
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