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Default Re: Should the US get involved in Darfur?

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
let me just start out by saying it is truly a tragedy what is happening there since 2003, and it is truly a concern that everyone in the world, not as Americans, or Russians, or French, or Chinese, or etc... but as people, need to be concerned about.

I recently donated $100 to help the cause of alleviating problems there. (hey I'm a student, I can't break the bank)

And the UN is really ineffective with solving this.

but yesterday I came across a group of protesters who wanted the US to use military force to go into Darfur and solve the problem.

um... I won't comment about Middle East or anything, but my point is: would that be a smart choice of action?
the US is already in the middle east and they f*ucked that up so until they are done screwing up the middle east i dont think they should do anything. also even if they did so something in darfur odds are they would just make it worse like the middle east.
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