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Default Re: Howard or Bust....

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
That is my mind state for the season right now. Not saying if we get him we will win a title...but with Howard our future as a franchise is that much brighter. We get him and we build around the future. For some reason Gasol and Bynum can not co-exist like they should. I would do a Gasol and Bynum trade for Howard and Turkeyglue in a heart beat. Turkeyglue is putting up numbers as well. Can Turkeyglue play the PF?

At this point getting Howard is a crap shoot. The Magic will not trade him until after the All Star game. By them Brook Lopez will be back and the Nets are the front runners. So it might be bust for us. We will have Kobe for a couple more years and no shot to win a title. Gasol maybe traded for fodder and the rebuilding process will begin. Mitch will probably be gone...and with Jim Buss running the show...who knows when we will have a legit team again.

Dark times Lakers fans...we maybe running in to dark times.

why freaking out so early in the season? its just 3 weeks till all star and then the fun begins

I am only hoping Bynum stays healthy all year. You bet they will be trading Bynum for howard and then Pau for Dwill or other good role players.

I also like the new aggressive Pau. He is only increasing his trade value

I would trade McRoberts for Mayo any day so the roster will shape up but we will have some dead weight in Walton/Artest
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