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Default Re: Are we going to see players playing well into their mid 40s?

Originally Posted by tmacman
Garnett will be still good and athletic at 40.

No way, his knees are gonna be crunchy like potato chips by then. Twenty two years in the NBA is no joke.

Only way a guy can play into his 40's will be if he's a defensive PF/C like DD, Cliffy, Deke, and if he's to make it past 40 he'll have to have been a 4 year college player, and possibly ride the pine a couple years into his NBA stint other wise it's too many games on a players body.

I can't imagine these high school man-children aren't gonna suffer when they retire. Greg Oden, LeBron, and Amare maybe 18-20 but their bodies are obviously aging at an increased rate, and on top of it they join the league at 18 and, playoffs withstanding, they play ~200 more games than college grads at age 22.
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