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Default Re: Howard or Bust....

Make sure your expectations are low

so you're not disappointed

If that article on ESPN has any credibility, Howard may test FA even if he is traded to the Lakers, which boggles my mind.

Honestly, Lakers may just be in a 1 or 2 year hole for now. Unless Mitch or someone finds a way to flip Pau Gasol for some depth/role players that haven't been talked about yet (maybe Houston a good option) before the trade deadline.

Or Bynum is traded for Howard and Howard agrees to stay a Laker. Anything can happen really. Reminds me of Lebron to New York tactic, ends up in Miami. I wish we could trade for Deron Williams or had cap space this summer.

I had a friend tell me Lakers could clear space this summer by getting rid of players, but I didn't believe him. Is that possible?

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