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Default Re: Howard or Bust....

Here's something to get your hopes up i guess

Fact or Fiction: Howard will end up with the Lakers.

Kevin Arnovitz, Fiction. Howard will have one of those posh lockers in Dallas come next fall.

Andy Kamenetzky, ESPN LA: Fact. Howard wants out, and like I said earlier, I doubt Otis Smith would let him walk, even if certain situations might make that the most sensible form of action. Looking around the league, nobody has a better chip than Bynum. On a related note, I'm glad the lockout put to bed the "big names forcing their way onto a more preferred franchise" issue. That was time well spent.

Zach McCann, Page 2: Fact. Of the three teams Howard has expressed interest in signing an extension with, the Lakers are the one team the Magic could trade with this season. Neither the Nets nor the Mavericks have the assets to entice the win-now Magic management. L.A. will have to throw in Pau Gasol or a player from another team for the Magic to bite, but the Lakers can get a trade done before the March trade deadline.

Eddy Rivera, Magic Basketball: Fact. There's no question that the Lakers hold a trump card in Bynum, a player that the Magic front office likes since he's the type of "win now" asset the team desires. It seems sensible that a trade will bear fruit sooner or later. The wild card is if Orlando keeps winning. Do the Magic roll the dice and keep Dwight past the deadline?

Darius Soriano, Forum Blue and Gold: Fact. I'm still not convinced Orlando has the fortitude to let Howard walk for nothing at the end of the season, and the Lakers still have the most attractive trade pieces. At some point, GMs Mitch Kupchak and Otis Smith will come to a fair deal.
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