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Default Re: Howard or Bust....

Wait a minute....OK...I have a problem with today's story of Howard going to free agency even if he signs with the Lakers and the whole Chicago playing with Rose.

Both are being blown out of proportion IMO.

Howard was ALWAYS going to not sign an extension because if he ops out he will make more money signing with the team of choice. Where ever he goes he WANTS to do this because that is more money for him. If the Lakers trade for him they will have his Bird rights if I am correct and can offer Howard more money plus the chance to play in LA with Kobe.

And the whole Chicago thing...all I hear Howard say is that he likes Rose and would be nice to play with him. He never said Chicago is now on his list etc.

So we need to stop overreacting with this. The media now tries to embellish crap to get everyone talking that's all that is.

Who knows what happens now...we can all tell Howard is unhappy he would love to play with Kobe and the Lakers...and we have major peices to move to get him (Bynum Gasol TE Dallas Round 1 pick) we are still in it as ever.

All I know is it is clear as day Gasol needs to be moved...Bynum would be nice to keep but if we can get Howard C-YA Drew. If we can't get Howard I say we rebuild period. Trade all these guys for picks...including Kobe. Blow it up. I know that sounds crazy...but that's what we would need to do.

Beleieve me though...I am pisst....another year wasted of Kobe's knees. F*ck Stern.
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