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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

yeah, i probably wouldn't bother if i were you. like i said, i think it was a different experience for me because i got to catch on the big screen, plus i was stoned. still rolled my eyes at most of the monologues (and had you stuck it through, you'd have vomited at the final few scenes with Sean Penn, which flat out just made no f*cking sense). i'm just letting you know that there were definitely redeeming qualities... and it's also helpful to think of how christians might feel differently towards it, buying into the majestic father in the sky 'bs' and thus allowing the whole movie to ring much truer than it would in the eyes of you or i.

i actually saw it with my dad and he hated it a lot more than i did. 'artsy fartsy drivel' i think might have been his review.
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