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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by Kungfro
Microsoft wouldn't settle that for you? That sucks, I'm not sure what you do about that. Usually you just have to answer some security questions or something to reset.

Haven't played MW3 in a while, how's the game been treating you? Are the new maps any good?

yeah i know man it sucks i tried calling them but they said they couldnt do the game has been good i have pretty much accepted the game for what it is no more raging for me i laugh it off now. Me and Mark (strikskillz) have been playing together just me and him and its been really fun i like the challenge normally its us pretty much doing the slaying while trying to win we had a game the other day where we both dropped 50 plus kills in Domination on Hardhat and carried our team to the win. Its satisfying getting those tough wins though. how have you been mike ?

Ps i dont have the new maps yet but from what i hear they are ok nothing really great about them
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