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Why do people like Carney so much? He's barely 6'5". Even Brandon Roy...didn't Morrison put up 43 on Roy and the Huskies? I thought him and Bobby Jones were such good defenders? Carney can't create his own shot. He would kill with someone like Kidd at the point, just because he would catch a lot of alley oops. He's a poor mans Iguodala at best. Bye Carney and hello Sefolosha! Aldridge is another story. We'll see what happens with him. I like Tyrus and his energy. Him and Tyson will be nice to watch. Thomas will forever be compared to Aldridge though. I think the Bulls did great in the draft even thought I REALLY wanted them to get Brewer. I literally fell to the floor when they reported that the pick Philly made was actually for the Bulls. I thought the Bulls had a shot at Brewer. My wife thought I was nuts for falling like a ton of bricks. I trust Pax and the scouts though...go Bulls!!!
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